ETQ PG30P11 3000 Watt 7 HP 208cc 4-Cycle OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator

 ETQ PG30P11 3000 Watt 7 HP 208cc 4-Cycle OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator Buy Now on

ETQ PG30P11 3000 Watt 7 HP 208cc 4-Cycle OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator was listed on Amazon for $549.99, selling for  USD brand new. Manufactured by Eastern Tools & Equipment. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • ETQ 208cc 7HP OHV, air cooled
  • Propane generator creates LPG eco-friendly energy
  • ETQ’s Sine Power delivers clean and steady current ideal for sensitive electronics
  • 20 pound propane fuel tank, fuel consumption of 11.5 hours @ 50% load
  • Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California

ETQ Propane – powered 3,000 – watt Generator. Long – running, clean – burning… an all – around power performer! A Generator for all jobs! Perfect for emergencies, campsites, jobsites, and more. And, because it produces such a clean and steady current, you can even use it for computers and other sensitive electronics! Produces clear sine wave output… perfect for sensitive electronics like computers; 11 1/2-hr. run time @ 50% load; Single cylinder 4-stroke 208 cc engine; 3,000-watt continuous output, 3,500-watt surge output; Accepts a 20-lb propane tank; Noise level @ 23′ is 60dB; Rated current is 25 amp @ 120 volts. Max current is 29.17 amp @ 120 volts; Measures 23 x 17 x 18″. Weighs 103 lbs. Order yours today! Gas and diesel-powered items once gassed or oiled, cannot be returned to us. The manufacturer will require the customer to visit a qualified service center for inspection. WARNING: Gas-powered Engines / Generators cannot be shipped to California or Canada. Please check your State, County and City laws for restrictions before ordering Gas-powered Engines / Generators. ETQ Propane-powered 3,000-watt Generator
Utilizing clean-burning propane, the ETQ PG30P11 Portable Generator provides quiet, efficient, and cost-effective power to electrical appliances. You’ll get the performance you need thanks to a seven-horsepower, 208-cc engine that produces up to 3,500 watts of energy–enough power to run your TV, refrigerator, water heater, or other household appliance. Great for power outages, light industrial applications, or recreational use, this generator connects to any standard-sized propane grill tank and has an oversized muffler for quiet operation.The ETQ PG30P11 Portable Generator offers:Clean-burning, 7 HP, 4-cycle, propane-powered engine produces up to 3,500 wattsAlternator technology for safe electricity deliveryUses 1-1/2 lbs. of propane per hour under a 50% load120-volt GFCI outlet and 30 AMP outlet are circuit-breaker protectedHeavy-duty steel construction for durability; weighs just 106 lbs.All of the generator’s outlets are circuit-breaker protected to safeguard your electronics. View larger.Powerful Engine with Oversized Muffler for Quiet OperationThe PG30P11 features a powerful, seven horsepower, 208-cc, four-stroke, propane-powered OHV engine that is capable of producing 3,000 continuous watts and 3,500 maximum watts. Its pull recoil makes for easy, reliable starts every time. And with a quick-connect coupler, it hooks up easily to any gas grill’s propane tank (not included)., this generator uses only 1-1/2 pounds of gas per hour under a 50-percent load, meaning you can enjoy your appliances for hours on end without worrying about your carbon footprint.The engine isn’t just powerful, it’s also quiet. Thanks to its oversized muffler, the generator produces sound at just 65 decibels during operation, making it an ideal choice for camping.Alternator Technology Safely Delivers Electricity to Your AppliancesOne of the most innovative features of the PG30P11 is its ETQ Clean Sine Alternator Technology that ensures low total harmonic distortion (THD). THD is a measure of the quality of the electricity produced by a generator, and THD above six percent can damage electronics and other components over time. With THD of less than five percent, the PG30P11 ensures high-quality, safe delivery of electricity from the generator to your electrical components.With low THD, this generator is computer-friendly, meaning it’s completely safe to use with laptops, printers, desktop computers, and more. The PG30P11 will give you peace of mind knowing that your computer hardware is completely safe from power surges and bad-quality electricity.3,500 Watts of Power to Handle Most of Your Household ElectronicsThe PG30P11 produces up to 3,500 watts of power to run most of your electrically powered household items. You can use the 120-volt, 20-amp GFCI protected dual outlet to power lamps, TVs, computers, fans, or other low-wattage appliances all at the same time. Or take advantage of the 30-amp outlet to power higher wattage electrical components and appliances. Both outlets are circuit-breaker protected for complete safety from power surges that can damage your appliances and equipment.Heavy-Duty Steel Construction That’s Built for PortabilityEverything from the heavy-duty cast iron engine to the durable rolled steel tubing surround is built to last. Weighing 106 pounds and measuring just 25.5 x 21 x 19.5 inches (LxWxH), this generator is easy to move and store.Propane Power is , Affordable, and ConvenientPropane is a clean-burning fuel that is better for the environment than regular gasoline. It’s also very inexpensive and convenient to use. One propane tank can power both your propane gas grill and your PG30P11 Portable Generator; simply switch the quick-connect coupler and you’re ready to go.The ETQ PG30P11 LP Portable Generator is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.What’s in the BoxETQ PG30P11 LP Portable Generator (propane tank not included).Click on the graphic for a table that shows how many watts many common tools and appliances require. View larger.

ETQ PG30P11 3000 Watt 7 HP 208cc 4-Cycle OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator

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