Tec Sterling Ii Fr 2Burner BuiltIn Grill

 Tec Sterling Ii Fr 2Burner BuiltIn Grill Buy Now on Amazon.com

Tec Sterling Ii Fr 2Burner BuiltIn Grill was listed on Amazon for $2,900.00, selling for $2,609.10 USD brand new. Manufactured by Tec. There are 3 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Cooks with 100% Infra-Red energy – no hot air to dry out food.
  • Two (2) 100% #304 Stainless Steel Burners – 16,000 BTU ea. -Propane or 17,000 BTU ea. -Natural Gas
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction.
  • No hot or cold spots – grill from edge to edge. Cooks more food than other grills twice the size.
  • 360 sq. in. Stainless Steel Grilling Surface.

TECaTMs new Sterling II FR Series grills offer their patented, 100 percent infrared grilling system in a commercial cabinet style reminiscent of TEC’s original Sterling Series. Constructed of 304 stainless steel, these grills feature doublewalled hoods, warming racks, and removable interior trim. Optional side shelves provide additional work area. The Sterling is available as a builtin or on a cabinet in 3 and 4 burner models. TECaTMs 2 burner Sterling grill should be used in conjunction with a TEC mounting casing but can also be used on a pedestal or post, inground as well as boltdown. See separate pages. TEC’s 1980’s ceramic infrared technology was a great improvement over traditional convection style grilling. Convective grills cook food with 100 hot air that dries out food. TEC’s ceramic infrared burners cooked with 35 percent infrared heat so food retained more of its natural juices. All other infrared grills today still use these ceramic burners but TEC’s new patented grilling system cooks with 100 percent infrared energy. TEC grills totally eliminate the hot air associated with gas grilling. As a result moisture loss and food shrinkage are reduced by up to 30 percent even well done meats remain tender and juicy. All other grills sold today, whether they are infrared or not, have hot and/or cold spots. This is because the burners in these grills cannot distribute the heat that they generate evenly. But there are no hot or cold spots on the new TEC grills. The patented all stainless burners are designed to distribute heat evenly across the cooking grids. You can cover the entire grilling surface with steak, chicken or hamburgers, and each piece will cook exactly the same in the same amount of time.

Tec Sterling Ii Fr 2Burner BuiltIn Grill

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Buy for $2,609.10 brand new

Save 10% ($290.90) by purchasing on Amazon.com

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